Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day at the Range

Just about every Wednesday I go shooting with Brad, one of my best friends. We had an especially good time this past Wednesday. We decided to make a little competition out of it. We had a few guns out at the range this time including my Savage 11 and SKS.

My friend brought his AK-47 and his Ruger Mini-14

We had 8 targets hidden about 70 - 100 yards away. 4 of the targets were mine and 4 were his. The objective was simple. We had to find and identify our targets and whoever could hit them in the least amount of shots would win. As pictured above, Brad was using his Mini-14.

I was using my Savage 11.

Brad did well, but in the end I won. (Which is good because I only had 20 rounds of .300 WSM for my Savage.)

Again, I promise that there will be more reviews to come. It's just finding time.
Keep on Shooting!

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