Sunday, May 23, 2010

Range Pictures and IWI Jerico review!

Well, I went out to the range last Wednesday (as usual) and it turned out great. It was so great that I decided to show you some pics and do a review of one of my favorite guns, the IWI Jericho also known as the BABY EAGLE!

What can I say about this gun? It's perfect! Well, nearly perfect. I will get to some minor flaws later but first let me give you the specs and tell you what's great about this gun.

IWI Jericho (Imported under the name Baby Eagle by Magnum Research)
Cal.- 9mm
4in. barrel

Well, like I said, this gun is nearly perfect. I happen to have mine chambered in 9mm, but it is also available in .40 S&W. I actually special ordered mine and bought it based on the reviews from Rugersix on youtube. My local gun store had Baby Eagles, but they didn't have the one I wanted. They had polymer framed guns (which I'm not very fond of), and the compacts and sub compacts. I wanted a full metal framed full size Baby Eagle, hence I had to special order it.

As soon as I got it out of the case I took it to the range and it was perfect. It was dead on at about 10 yards. This is just a point and shoot gun. The full metal frame helps reduce the already light recoil of the 9mm so the gun doesn't jump around much. It came with 2 18 round mags, so the gun can really tear things up. It's really just a point and shoot gun and I can't do it justice with just words. I can only say that if you're in the market for a semiautomatic pistol, take a good look at these.

Ok, so what's bad? Well, I can point out two things. First, I have to say that the grip on the back of the slide is very thin and can make it difficult to prime the gun. With a little bit of use you just simply get used to it, but I know this fact can turn a lot of people off to this gun. I really don't think that it's such a big problem as to dismiss purchase of the gun, and like I said, you get used to it pretty quick.

The last disadvantage of the gun is quite simply its price. This isn't a cheap gun. Depending on where you live, look to be paying $500 - $700. I'm not going to say what I paid for the gun, suffice it to say that it was between those two figures. This is actually the 2nd most expensive gun in my collection. You may ask, "is it worth it?" My answer is simply, absolutely! As far as handguns go, this is the most accurate and reliable handgun I have ever fired.

Well, I realize that this is a pretty short review. I plan on reviewing both this and the Savage 11 again when I get a video program working, but I hope that this suffices for now.

Happy Shooting!


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